Effective May 13, 2010, Georgia requires a licensee to pay a filing fee of $150 to request a hearing on any administrative license issue. In Georgia, a licensee’s license can be suspended if arrested for DUI, and either registering above the legal limit, OR if refusing the State chemical test. If you do not request the hearing within 10 business days of the arrest the license is automatically suspended, before the DUI case is resolved. This filing fee requirement is part of a bill passed by Georgia in an attempt to collect more revenue; of course, suspected DUI drivers are singled out as the only group mandated to pay fees for a hearing. Although a few other states require filing fees for license hearings, NONE of the filing fees come close to the outrageously high amount required by Georgia. Also, the fee is paid to Drivers Services, the “defendant” in the hearing! That is the same as having to pay your spouse a filing fee to file for divorce! Hopefully this pathetic infringement on our constitutional right to due process will eventually be overturned by Georgia courts; until then, we are forced to pay the $150 just to make sure you can have your day in court.