The Gwinnett Daily News reported that Gwinnett Police arrested 50 folks over the 4th of July weekend. My question: SO WHAT?After the Bannister arrest, every person should always question ANY DUI arrest.  I’ll bet you that most of the DUI arrest reports will read: “I smelled the odor of alcohol, and suspect had bloodshot watery eyes and was unsteady on feet; suspect admitted drinking several beers and failed the field sobriety evaluations”, blah, blah, blah. Of course that is EXACTLY what Bannister’s report reads; and let’s see what happened in that case.  Even though the officer said that based on Bannister’s physical appearance, admission of drinking, and performance on field tests, the officer formed an opinion that Bannister was under the influence, we know that neither the State’s own breath test or blood test showed any level of alcohol in his system.  Not only should we question the officer’s “opinion”, we now need to question the breath test, which showed 0.00 only an hour or so after Bannnister was seen drinking. The 50 arrests only count towards the County receiving funds from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Convictions and for that matter acquittals apparently don’t count, and that is why you won’t see a follow up from the newspapers on what actually happens to these 50 DUI Defendants.