According to a recent poll by State Farm, teen drivers say they are nervous about being in a car crash, yet 57% say they still text while driving.  The poll comes in a month, October, which historically has been the deadliest for teen drivers.October can be a busy month for teens, with driving to football games, homecoming and other club activities that perhaps keeps teens from mindful driving. Teens who admit to texting and driving say they do so because they want to stay connected and are fearful of what their peers will think if they don’t answer text messages while driving. As usual, parents can play a key role in making teens aware of the dangers of texting and driving.  According to the survey, those teens whose parents frequently talked with them about safe driving practices have the clearest understanding of what represents risky driving behavior. There are numerous other ways in which parents can try to help ther teens become safe drivers, many of which will be included in my book Parents Guide to Teen Driving Laws in Georgia which will be out sometime later this year.