2010’s Case of the Year was one of  45 wins out of 76 total disposed cases, which also included 0 guilty verdicts.  It just goes to show that an aggressive defense is the best offense when charged with a serious traffic offense such as DUI. This year’s Case of the Year was originally in Johns Creek.  My client was stopped for weaving.  Her speech was normal but her walk was unsteady and she was unable to successfully perform field tests.  She admitted to the cop that she had taken a hydrocodone “8 hours earlier”.  There was a video in the case which showed my client weaving and failing the field tests. The Johns Creek cop found a pill in my client’s purse, but was unable to identify it as being a prescription narcotic.   At a bench trial in Fulton County, the cop was unable to articulate on cross examination just exactly what type of drug my client was under the influence of… He could not testify that my client was under the influence of a central nervous depressant, or stimulant or a narcotic analgesic.  Hence, my client was found NOT GUILTY of driving under the influence of prescription drugs.