Mickey Roberts, MRGADUI attorneyWhen most people think of DUI, they think about driving under the influence of alcohol. However, driving under the influence of illegal drugs is also driving under the influence. Marijuana is the most commonly detected drug in drivers, but whether or not marijuana causes an increased number of accidents remains a question. A recent study from Columbia University found that drivers who use marijuana are more than twice as likely to be involved in car accidents as those who do not.

Using a meta-analysis of nine epidemiologic studies, the researchers found that the risk of an accident increases in people with a concentration of marijuana-produced compounds found by chemical test. Furthermore, the risk of a crash also increases with self-reported marijuana-users. In fact, eight out of nine of the studies determined that the risk of an accident significantly increases among drivers who use marijuana.

This research is likely to cause debates about driver’s rights and medical marijuana in states that allow it. In Georgia, however, this research translates to police cracking down more on drivers who use or possess marijuana. If you are pulled over and are suspected of marijuana use, my four simple rules if stopped by the police still apply.

Rule number one: never admit to drinking (or anything else). That “anything else” includes marijuana use or possession. More than marijuana, it also includes other drugs or controlled substances. Rule number two: don’t submit to any field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are voluntary, but the officer may or may not tell you that. Rule three: don’t take a test if you’ve had more than two drinks. Translating this rule to driving under the influence or in possession of illegal drugs means don’t take the test if you know you can’t pass it. Rule number four: call me before paying any ticket if under 21, but you should call an experienced DUI attorney before admitting to consuming or possessing illegal drugs no matter what your age.

Drug offenses can be serious and result in a misdemeanor or even a felony. If you need the assistance of an experienced DUI lawyer, contact us today. Be sure to connect with Mr. GA DUI on Facebook and Twitter.