A recent study published by The Century Council and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation shows that the number of females arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol has increased 36% over a decade. The report, which will be available in full later this month, states that while men are often seen as the primary offenders in drunk driving cases, the number of women involved has increased steadily since 1980 and was up 29% from 1997 to 2007.

Researchers examining the phenomenon offer various explanations for this spike in female DUI statistics. One theory is that more women are drinking and then driving than in past years. Some researchers believe that the spike in women’s arrests is due to changes in the legal system including fewer male arrests and changes to the DUI law enforcement policy that bring more attention to women whose blood alcohol content levels are more affected by alcohol consumption.

The study indicated, women develop alcohol and substance abuse problems more quickly than men do. In a follow-up study completed in New Mexico over 5 years, researchers found that 85% of female arrestees could be diagnosed with alcohol abuse or dependence. Details also show that a large portion of female drunk drivers are older, unmarried, and are also more likely to be the main childcare provider at the time of arrest.

While the researchers of this report admit that more information is needed about the findings, the media has brought to light a slew of drunk driving fatalities in which mothers have driven under the influence with children in the car. Though these publicized cases are few and far between, this information is important for researchers, law enforcement, and DUI lawyers to track.

For individuals who may find themselves in a situation in which they’re being pulled over for suspected DUI, it’s important to follow my Four Simple Rules in order to give yourself the best chance in Georgia traffic court. Most importantly, it’s important not to submit to field sobriety tests because they are tests created without a benchmark for comparison (so even an unimpaired driver could fail).

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