If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime or found guilty of a DUI, you know just how devastating a verdict like that can be for your record.  Guilty verdicts, especially those given to people under the age of 21 for crimes like reckless driving or DUI can have major implications for their ability to obtain insurance, get into college, or even secure gainful employment.  While it isn’t always possible, there are some instances when expungement, or complete deletion, of a criminal record may be possible.

Atlanta traffic and criminal defense attorney Mickey Roberts offers post conviction service like expungement for some cases when specific actions have occurred.  Offenders who’ve pled guilty to a drug offense under “conditional discharge”, or having the charges dismissed after completing a sentence’s probationary conditions, may be eligible for expungement.  Conditional discharge is most commonly granted for first time (i.e., juvenile offenders). Conditional discharge may be revoked if an individual does not satisfy the terms of his or her probation.  It should also be noted that under current Georgia law, no DUI arrest may be expunged.

If the offender is under the age of 21 when he/she pled guilty to certain misdemeanors, absolution of a record may also be possible.  While it’s clear that the number of previous convictions and the nature of the infraction play a big part in whether or not you’re able to clear your name after a conviction, ongoing demonstration of good behavior is also a factor.

If an offender has completed a court ordered drug program and has not incurred any further convictions in five years from the time of their original ruling, expungement may be feasible.  If you were found not guilty of all charges during your case’s original trial, you may also be a candidate for expungement.   The process of expungement and post conviction appeals can be very complicated.  While there are a number of appeal eligibilities, it’s most important that you only entrust the help of an experienced defense attorney.

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