Throughout my legal career of 35 years, I have developed an interest in anything and everything involving traffic law issues.  I try to go beyond simply being my clients’ attorney, and try to serve as a source of information to help all Georgia drivers understand their rights when it comes to traffic law. To that end, I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest project: my website, (this new website will be a supplement to my current website,, rather than a replacement for it).

Mickey Roberts PC

Why create a new website?
I’m very proud of the valuable resource that has become for those who are seeking information about DUI laws in Atlanta. However, I have noticed a need for more detailed and focused information about the other areas of traffic law in which I practice. As a highly experienced traffic attorney, I defend the rights of drivers facing any number of traffic citations and charges. While my new website will still be informative about DUI, it will shed more light on drivers’ rights in regards to other traffic offenses, such as:

  • Serious Injury and Vehicular Homicide – In the case of a fatal car accident, the driver who caused the accident is typically charged with vehicular homicide. However, the charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on which alleged traffic offense led to the accident. If the collision does not result in a death but does result in significant injury, the driver at fault for the accident may be charged with serious injury by vehicle. My new website gives more details about the circumstances that can lead to these charges.
  • License Suspensions – The state of Georgia can suspend a driver’s license for many reasons, from committing one serious traffic offense, to violating many minor traffic laws, to offenses not even related to driving, such as failure to pay child support. can help you find out whether your driver’s license is at risk.
  • Drug-Related Charges – Many of my clients were involved in a simple traffic stop, were too intimidated to refuse a vehicle search, and found themselves facing drug charges. Especially due to the heavy consequences that can accompany drug-related convictions, it’s important to know your 4th amendment rights against illegal searches before you find yourself in a similar situation.
  • Automobile Accidents – Although car accidents can happen in just seconds, they can have lifelong consequences for both parties. Whether you were cited for causing the accident or have sustained injuries or damages in a collision that was caused by someone else, I can help to defend your rights.
  • Drivers Under the Age of 21 – There are many areas in which the law is different for young drivers, such as driver’s license restrictions, blood alcohol content limits in terms of DUI, and potential consequences for a number of traffic convictions. Only an attorney who is highly experienced in defending young drivers, such as myself, should handle these cases.

Visit for more information about these and many other traffic law-related topics or to sign up for my email newsletter, and join in the conversation about the latest law changes and case studies on my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages. I have been passionate about defending drivers’ rights for the past 35 years, and I look forward to continuing to serve the Atlanta metropolitan area for many years to come.