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50 DUI Arrests in Gwinnett over the 4th: So what?

The Gwinnett Daily News reported that Gwinnett Police arrested 50 folks over the 4th of July weekend. My question: SO WHAT?

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Bannister’s DUI: Is Intox Accurate or Not?

Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister’s arrest raises an important question: Since the arresting officer says the standard field sobriety tests indicated Bannister was impaired, why did the State’s own breath test indicate no alcohol in Bannister’s blood?

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Gwinnett Chairman Bannister’s DUI Arrest Smells Fishy

I saw where Gwinnett County Chairman Charles Bannister was arrested for DUI. Before you jump to any conclusions about his guilt or innocence, let me explain why this case has a bad smell to it.

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New HGN Case in Georgia

In Bravo v. St decided on May 28, 2010, the Georgia Court of Appeals was asked to decide if the arresting officer could testify as to a possible numerical blood alcohol content solely based on the HGN results.

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Case of the Month June 2010

I won 2 DUI cases in the month of June; neither of them actually went to trial. How did I win?

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