• What is a DUI Court program? DUI Court programs are becoming more popular with judges as a way of forcing a defendant to attend intensive substance abuse programs. Many Georgia courts are now ordering persons to attend DUI Courts as a part of the sentence.
  • How long is a typical DUI Court program?  Typically, DUI Court programs last between 12 and 24 months. The programs are divided into 1 -4 phases, and are coordinated by a DUI Court director and the judge.
  • What are the phases of a DUI Court program? In Phase 1 a person would attend 3 hours weekly counseling sessions, 2 AA meetings per week, a DUI Court review 2 times per month, and a random alcohol or drug screen every week. Phase 1 last 5 months! The number of meetings decreases as the defendant “graduates” from phase to phase. Since Georgia suspends a person’s license for the first 12 months on a 2nd DUI conviction, most DUI court program members cannot drive to the meetings.
The success rates of DUI Court programs have been inconclusive.