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Under 21 DUI Charges in Atlanta

  • I am a teenage driver, under 21. Am I treated differently? Yes. First, you are considered DUI if you register above a .02 on the state’s breath test. Second, your penalties are different than those of persons over 21:
    • If you register below .08, you lose your license for 6 months, with no limited permit and you must serve at least 20 hours community service.
    • If you register above .08, you lose your license for a full year with no limited permit; you also must serve 24 hours in jail, and perform a minimum of 40 hours community service.




The above information is intended to help educate members of the Georgia motoring public as to their rights under the law and to assist presumptively innocent citizens in properly asserting those rights. Information within this site should not be misconstrued as legal advice.
Under 21 DUI Charges in Georgia