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Senators Push for Ban and DUI Checkpoint Smartphone Apps

Smart phone applications are an incredible tool that allows us to simultaneously check our bank balance, read reviews about the restaurant next door, and make plenty of new Facebook friends.  One thing attorneys general for Delaware and Maryland, as well as four democratic senators, are hoping apps won’t let us do is find out where DUI checkpoints are located. Published by The Atlanta Journal Constitution on March 29th, the senators and Attorneys General announced their actions to implore smart phone giants Google and Apple Inc. to pull this type of application from their digital app store shelves.  Similar to the highly contested apps available to track speed traps and fight Georgia speeding tickets, the DUI apps are said to feature records of known DUI checkpoints and allow other users to report additional checkpoint locations. In the article, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden was quoted explaining the reason for his actions against the DUI app developers, “We are urging Apple and Google to do the right thing and join us in keeping drunk drivers off our roads, not provide them with a road map to avoid checkpoints that are meant to protect our families.” The article concluded with an unconfirmed statement from the senators that RIM, the development company for Black Berry phones, that they would acquiesce to the requests and remove the products from the app selection.  While the debate still wages about whether or not these apps violate the phone companies’ content policies, the fact remains that you should know your driving rights.  If you’re stopped for DUI, get a speeding ticket, are caught texting while driving, you need to know what your legally bound to admit and/or do. Make sure to keep reading my blog and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news on DUI law and traffic-related offenses.

Another Win For Mickey Roberts, MRGADUI

Hey Mickey, Thank you for all of your assistance with my DUI case. I am happy that it is over and I only have a little bit more to take care of. You did do a good job and I will certainly refer business to you if the occasion ever is needed. Sincerely,

4 Days, 1 Trial, 2 Word Verdict

Last week I spent a month in Gilmer County.  Actually it only felt like a month.  Normally, I limit my DUI practice to the North Metro Atlanta area with occasional trips to Athens; however, this DUI case win was referred to me by a lawyer friend who’d moved his practice from its Gwinnett County law firm to Ellijay.

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Case of Month February 2011

This month’s case is the prime example of why you should never do the voluntary field tests.  My client was stopped in Doraville for allegedly running a red light.  He was stopped by Doraville’s top gun DUI cop and refused all field tests, which infuriated the cop.  Luckily the stop was captured on video and showed my client’s speech as normal and his walk to be steady.  The client did not appear impaired on the video. The other correct thing the client did was not taking the breath test at the jail; in this case the cop went ahead and proceeded with license suspension; however we were able to get the case tried in Doraville quickly so that my client’s license was suspended for only a couple of months. At trial, the cop was unable to articulate why my client was rendered incapable of driving safely due to alcohol, primarily because my client looked good on the video and because my client didn’t provide evidence which could have incriminated him.  My client was found NOT GUILTY of DUI! Remember, you should always exercise your right not to provide evidence against yourself in a criminal case; We still have the shelter of the presumption of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Make the State prove their case!!

City Council Votes No to Facebook DUI Public Shaming

    If the highly publicized DUI accusations of former Gwinnett County Commissioner Charles Banister or Tampa football star Mike Williams are any example, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a crime that is prevalent nation-wide.   The town of Huntington Beach, California is particularly familiar with this type of headline.   This coastal vacation destination of 200,000 people is ranked first, out of the entire state of California, for the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths among comparable cities.  In an effort to bequeath this title to someone else, Huntington Beach Councilman Devin Dwyer proposed a public shaming of repeat DUI offenders on the city’s Facebook page.      According to the Fox News report released last week, Dwyer’s fellow council members voted against the proposal for fear that the action would “alienate residents and impact the presumption of innocence for suspects.”  The Huntington council also stated that implementing the policy would mean certain damage to the city’s image. In the state of Georgia, if this is not your first DUI or you’ve been convicted multiple times of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol  (second DUI, third DUI, etc.), you can expect to see a report of your repeat arrest (and photo) published in the newspaper along with the following:
  • Paying a $600-$1,000 fine**In addition to money lost on account of diminished wages, legal fees, damages, etc.
  • Spending 72 hours in jail
  • Serving 30 days community service
  • Undergoing alcohol or drug treatment
  • Completing a mandatory Risk Reduction Program
  • Serving 12 months probation
  • Surrendering all license plates for cars registered in offender’s name
     As an Atlanta DUI and traffic attorney, I use my Facebook and Twitter page not to shame drivers, but provide them with news and advice to assist in minimizing the embarrassment and disruption created when arrested for a traffic-related offense.  To read more from my latest blog visit the MRGADUI website.

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The above information is intended to help educate members of the Georgia motoring public as to their rights under the law and to assist presumptively innocent citizens in properly asserting those rights. Information within this site should not be misconstrued as legal advice.
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