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DUI is an “Opinion” Crime

Of all of the various crimes one can commit, DUI is the only opinion crime. What do I mean by opinion crime? Because a police officer must form an opinion that based on certain facts or observations, a person’s driving ability is impaired due to alcohol or drugs. As we all know, opinions are like belly buttons…. everyone has one! A police officer can certainly form an opinion that someone is DUI, and then arrest that person, but that does NOT mean the officer’s opinion is a correct one.

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MRGADUI Receives Praise from Gwinnett DUI Client

Mr. Roberts, I really appreciate all your time and effort. Your insight and experience with DUI law helped secure a favorable plea, and in turn helped me to make, what I feel was, the best decision given the circumstances surrounding my case.  I can’t thank you enough for that. I mean it in the best way possible when I say… I hope I never have a need to see you again… If any questions come up I will be sure to ask. Thank you, J

Another DUI Win for Mickey Roberts MRGADUI

Mr. Roberts, Thanks for helping me get a great result on my case. Can’t thank you enough. I will be telling people I know to use Mickey Roberts if they get a DUI. Thanks again, R.

Want to Win a FREE iPod Touch?

Atlanta DUI Attorney Mickey Roberts wants to give a new iTouch to the person who submits the best new slogan for MR GA DUI’s t-shirt. We know we have a lot of witty and charismatic Facebook “friends” and Twitter “followers” out there who are naturals at this- so let us hear from you!  Submit your slogan suggestion (shorter slogans preferred) and contact information to gaduiattorney@gmail.com by October 31st for consideration.  You can also write on our Facebook wall or direct message us on Twitter.  Our winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

Words from another happy MRGADUI client

Hi Mickey, I have meant to send you a note ever since M’s court date.  Sorry I have not done it sooner. F. and I are very grateful to you for your expertise and for doing such a great job for us.  This was not a situation we ever want to duplicate and you made it much more tolerable.  Hopefully M. will make the most of the break you got for him and move on to a new chapter in his life.  Thank you so much for your help. Hope to see you only on social occasions from now on! E. To read more from Mickey Roberts’ happy clients click here.

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