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4 Simple Rules Explained: Rule 4

mrgaduiRule 4:  Hire a traffic attorney if you’re under the age of 21 and get any tickets.

Why should I hire an attorney for a traffic offense if under 21?

When you are under the age of 21, there are certain types of traffic offenses which will result in automatic license suspension.  Rather than simply paying the ticket (meaning you are admitting guilt)and later learning that your license is suspended, consult a traffic attorney experienced in dealing with teenage driver infractions so that you’re fully aware of the possible plea consequences.

There are several ways in which the license of a teenage driver can be suspended:

  1. Any offense carrying 4 or more points; (this includes speeding 24 miles over the speed limit, passing a school bus, passing on a hill or curve, reckless driving, or aggressive driving)
  2. Hit and run or leaving the scene of accident
  3. Racing
  4. Fleeing and eluding a police officer
  5. Purchasing alcohol
  6. Using a fake ID to purchase alcohol
  7. Arrested for DUI
  8. Illegal drug possession

There ARE ways of keeping your license from being suspended if you are charged with any of the above offenses, but you need the advice of a qualified traffic lawyer to help you!  Practicing law for 32 years, I have handled 1000s of such cases.   Unless your driving record is horrific, I can normally get something worked out on your case to keep your license.

While I am able to go back and reopen your case AFTER conviction many times, it is far easier to hire me to represent for these charges BEFORE you go to court.

To schedule a consultation with me, contact my office.  You can also join me on Facebook, Google +, and Twitter for the latest teenage driver defense news.

New Law Increases Fees for DUI and Other Alcoholic Offenses

If there were no reasons for fighting a DUI conviction before, there is now. As part of a new overhaul of the criminal code in Georgia, effective July 1, 2012, the “penalties” added onto fines will equal 50% of the fine. This means that if you plead guilty to a DUI and are assessed a fine of $1000, you will still owe an additional “fee” of $500. This is in addition to other fees that go to the Peace Officers Retirement Fund and the Probate Judges Retirement Fund.

The new penalties will go to fund what will be known as the “County Drug Abuse and Treatment Program.” The penalties do not just apply to DUIs. Now a 50% penalty will be applied on possession of alcohol by a minor, serious injury by vehicle, and fleeing and eluding, as well as all drug possession convictions.

In essence, the total amount due for fines and fees now on a DUI, minor in possession, etc. could be as high as 100% of any fine amount! Although the best way to avoid such fees is not getting arrested for DUI or drug possession, etc., you can hire a qualified DUI defense lawyer to aggressively fight and win your DUI case if you are faced with such fees. The days of hiring a cheap “plea dog” lawyer are over.

Whose Dog is That Sniffing Around my House?

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take a case out of Florida which asks the question: Does a police dog’s sniff outside a house give officers the right to get a search warrant for illegal drugs, or is the sniff an unconstitutional search? On the morning of Dec. 5, 2006, Miami-Dade police detectives and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents set up surveillance outside a house south of the city after getting an anonymous tip that it might contain a marijuana grow operation. The cops brought Franky, a K-9 drug dog . The dog quickly detected the odor of pot at the base of the front door and sat down as he was trained to do. That sniff was used to get a search warrant from a judge. The house was searched and its lone occupant, Joelis Jardines, was arrested for drug possession after trying to escape out the back door. Officers pulled 179 live marijuana plants from the house, with an estimated street value of more than $700,000. The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution forbids government searches of persons and property without probable cause. The U.S. Supreme Court has approved drug dog sniffs in several other major cases. Two of those involved

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Drivers Who Use Marijuana Reportedly Twice as Likely to have Accidents

Mickey Roberts, MRGADUI attorneyWhen most people think of DUI, they think about driving under the influence of alcohol. However, driving under the influence of illegal drugs is also driving under the influence. Marijuana is the most commonly detected drug in drivers, but whether or not marijuana causes an increased number of accidents remains a question. A recent study from Columbia University found that drivers who use marijuana are more than twice as likely to be involved in car accidents as those who do not. Using a meta-analysis of nine epidemiologic studies, the researchers found that the risk of an accident increases in people with a concentration of marijuana-produced compounds found by chemical test. Furthermore, the risk of a crash also increases with self-reported marijuana-users. In fact, eight out of nine of the studies determined that the risk of an accident significantly increases among drivers who use marijuana. This research is likely to cause debates about driver’s rights and medical marijuana in states that allow it. In Georgia, however,

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