September 2015 Letter From Client:


I can’t thank you enough for all your help in what could have been a real life changing event for me. I am more than happy to act as a reference for you, including taking a phone call from someone.

Not only do you obviously know what you are doing, but you were always responsive to my many phone calls and emails. People who are not responsive in a timely manner, are one of my pet peeves. I appreciated your responsiveness every step of the way, and of course your excellent representation.

You might be interested to know that I was referred to you by a good friend and fraternity brother. He gets (and reads) your newsletter, as do others at his firm. He did not know you personally, but told me you had a reputation for getting results. He was right and I am so glad he referred me to you.

Thank you again, and I wish you all the best.


2002 Letter From A DUI Client:

Dear Mickey,

I was elated to receive the Nol Pros order last week on the above case. I want to thank you for your outstanding work, and particularly for the personal attention you demonstrated in my case. You always kept me abreast of what was happening, and allowed me to make educated, intelligent choices about my options.

As I became aware of your relationship with court officials and prosecutors, it dawned on me that your good natured personality and easy going manner also were assets to my case. The prosecutors actually seemed to like you, and it seems that they were less hostile to me and more willing to voluntarily dismiss my case under those conditions. Attributes like these don’t appear on a resume.

Please feel free to show this letter to any potential client who wants to make an informed decision regarding your services. Again, I’m deeply grateful for your completely successful efforts.

Hi Mickey, I know I paid for your services, but I will always feel indebted to you. Thanks for your extraordinary effort.  If there is ever anything I can do for you please don’t hesitate to let me know. If you ever need a spokesperson – my wife can do the job. She hasn’t “shut-up” about you and the trial since Friday night. When she tells our friends about the trial, she gets louder and louder as her excitement increases. You are a “Rock Star” she tells everybody.Thanks Again, J
Mickey: We have been extremely happy with your friendliness and your overall representation.  You made a truly difficult situation much, much easier to handle with your professionalism and your compassion.  Although, it is our desire that no one should ever drive under the influence, we realize that it indeed happens and should anyone we know ever need your services, we will wholeheartedly refer them to you.With warm regards, C
Mickey is a fabulous attorney, very knowledgeable and gives you such a sense of relief when he accepts your case. He is always straight up and forthcoming with information whether it is good, bad or ugly. He is also very compassionate for each individual situation. Mickey is definitely the right attorney for you.
Mickey, I cannot begin thank you enough your hard work with my case, you went above and beyond for me. I am so happy with our outcome and hope that you’re always as successful in your future cases. Feel free to contact me anytime with any further questions or comments. You’re the best!
Hey Mickey, Thank you for all of your assistance with my DUI case. I am happy that it is over and I only have a little bit more to take care of. You did do a good job and I will certainly refer business to you if the occasion ever is needed.
Mr. Roberts, I really appreciate all your time and effort. Your insight and experience with DUI law helped secure a favorable plea, and in turn helped me to make, what I feel was, the best decision given the circumstances surrounding my case. I can’t thank you enough for that. I mean it in the best way possible when I say… I hope I never have a need to see you again… If any questions come up I will be sure to ask. Thank you, J.
Mr. Roberts Thanks for helping me get a great result on my case. Can’t thank you enough. I will be telling people I know to use you if they get a DUI. Thanks again.Sincerely, R.
Hi Mickey, I have meant to send you a note ever since M’s court date. Sorry I have not done it sooner. F. and I are very grateful to you for your expertise and for doing such a great job for us. This was not a situation we ever want to duplicate and you made it much more tolerable. Hopefully M. will make the most of the break you got for him and move on to a new chapter in his life. Thank you so much for your help. Hope to see you only on social occasions from now on!Sincerely, E.
Mickey, Just wanted to say thank you again for everything you have done for Joey on this case. What you worked out for him is unbelievable, considering he admitted to the possession charge. I woke up this morning relieved knowing that this issue has come to some resolve. Now Joey can move on with his life. Things for him are looking brighter. He was accepted at Kennesaw State University for Spring 2011 semester and will be transferring from Perimeter. He will be completing his education there and graduate next year with a business degree. Thank you again for all you have done. Sincerely, Louie
Mickey, I want to thank you for a well played out legal strategy that was perfectly executed. I am still in a bit of a happy shock and can’t express how pleased I am that everything worked out. Once I get my thoughts straight I will send a more appropriate thank you note. Getting this behind me was more emotionally important than even I expected. And, having you on my side certainly proved to be a great decision. Sincerely, Gil
We appreciate so much the way you handled this case and the results, as well. Maybe now our family can get back to “normal”. It was a chance meeting all those years ago, but I have never forgotten you …maybe this was the reason. We will refer your name to anyone we know, who needs a criminal attorney…you are the best! May God bless you richly, Mickey.Sincerely, Deb
Mickey, Thank you for everything that you did on our case. We’re happy that it worked out the way that it did, and it’s such a relief to have the court part over with. We will definitely pass on your name and business card to anyone we find in need of a top notch attorney for this type of case because you’re the best! Thanks again, Rebecca
After meeting you over 25 years ago, it finally came time to use your services to represent my sister. You handled her case with the utmost professionalism! The results turned out to be favorable for her, but even if it had not, you still dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”! We are grateful for your persistence and follow-through, as well as attention to detail. Would we use your services again in the future or recommend you to others? ABSOLUTELY! You’re the best!Thanks again, Deb, Cleveland, GA
Mickey, you came through in the end and I want to thank you for representing me and getting a reduced charge. I will definitely refer you if I know of others who need your representation. Thanks again and I am glad this is done. Sincerely, Paul
Mickey, I am very happy with the outcome. While I think we had a good case to move toward trail, I could not weigh the cost and possibility of relying on a jury to see through the test results. While sad, it came down to pure cost – maybe on both sides … Mickey, let me finish by saying this. Spending almost 19 years with FedEx, they trained me very well to read a person’s actions, body movements and expressions. It was very comforting to watch you enter the court room. You definitely command a presence and are recognized by your colleagues, peers and opposing council. I was glad you were and are my attorney.
Mickey, I wanted to send an email to thank you for all you did on my case. There are not enough words for me to be able to express my thanks for everything you did. I still feel like I owe you so much for your hard work and time you put into making sure I was able to get through this with the outcome we received. Not only were you my legal representative, but I felt like I could talk to you on a business and personal level, and that was nice. I will always recommend you to anyone that is in need of the best and most knowledgeable attorney in the area. You are truly the best!! Thanks again!! Mike
Mr. Roberts, Thank you for all of your help and your quick responses to my questions over the last couple of months. It has been a little surreal, but it was easier to get through knowing I had someone with your expertise guiding me through it.Thanks again, K.C.
Mickey, I think you did an outstanding job for me and I appreciate how well you prepared me every step of the way. I am sure I could not have chosen a better attorney for my case. I will highly recommend you in the future.Thanks again, D.S.