Mr Ga Dui Attorney - Mickey Roberts
  • Successful legal practice since 1980
  • Have handled thousands of cases and trials
  • Former Judge
  • Huge network of established relationships with Prosecutors and Judges
  • 98% Success rate on contested DUI cases since 1996
  • Personal service: You hire me, you get me, not some associate
  • Small caseload: Can spend more time on your case than most Lawyers
  • Personally handled the appeal in Georgia which provided the law on how the HGN Field Test should be administered (St. vs. Tousley)
  • Trained in all DUI detection courses: I know all of the defenses
  • Trained in Intox 5000 and 9000: I know the defenses to breath tests
  • Trained to review blood test cases: I know the problems with blood tests
  • Reasonable fees based on years of trial work: you know the total fee upfront; no hidden fees
  • Reasonable payment plans available
  • Affiliated with attorneys William C. Head and Lawrence A. Kohn to match you with the most specialized attorney for your needs.

MR GA DUI Lawyer, Mickey Roberts is different than most other attorneys and law practices in the Atlanta area.   I specialize in one area of the law, traffic law—Defending Drivers!   At my law office you will actually speak and work directly with me, I will personally handle your case to ensure you do not have your Georgia driver’s license suspended. I promise to defend you in a reasonable amount of time and you will know what my fees are up front so you will not have to worry about being billed for unexpected costs.

DUI is the more common of the serious traffic offenses; this is the area of law where 98% of my contested cases have been won. Getting charged with a DUI can be scary and is very costly—temporary or permanent license suspension, job loss, pricey fines, jail time, and high insurance rates, not to mention a monetary expense into the thousands of dollars are all common occurrences if you do not chose an experienced DUI/traffic attorney.

I am in court defending my clients on a weekly basis and stay up to date on all traffic laws, particularly DUI laws that change frequently. I will aggressively defend you if you are charged with a DUI or any other traffic violation!